Saturday, 17 January 2009

Condom Crochet

I recently joined (username: Ungulate) and was understandably perplexed at the lack of crochet patterns for making condoms. This is my bold attempt to rectify the situation. This pattern is free, which is not to say that I would be at all pleased if you were to sell it or sell anything made with it. If you find yourself saying to yourself "but this pattern must have taken so many hours of research and development, I really must find some form of compensation", donate a few quid to an AIDS charity.

Crochet in a spiral if you want to make your life easy (amigarumi style).

R1: Ch 2, 6 sc in second ch from hook.
R2-4: Sc 6.
R5: 2 sc in each sc around. (12 sts)
R6: *Sc 1, 2 sc in next sc*, rep 6 times. (18 sts)
R7: *Sc 2, 2 sc in next sc*, rep 6 times. (24 sts)
R8-10: Sc 24.
R11: *Sc 2, dec 1*, rep 6 times. (18 sts)
R12-29: Sc 18.
R30: Through front loops only, *Sc 1, 2 sc in next sc*, rep 9 times. (27 sts)
Slip stitch (to flatten out the kink) then fasten off and weave in ends.

I'd love to see some variations on this pattern! There are all sorts of disgraceful possibilities.


  1. i found you on ravelry... not sure if i'll make this or not, but i admire the reason behind it... i'm rosebudsinwyo on ravelry...

  2. awesome pattern i made one and actually finished it at school my teacher freaked

  3. Well I never! I just conceived crocheting condoms for a project in Warwick University, for their Sexual Health Awareness Week. My prototype is rather more weird (got loads of holes in it), I tend to free-crochet if u like. This looks fab though. Do you mind me using your pattern for my workshops that will produce condoms for the project? Btw, the project is linked to World Aids day.

  4. i think it makes an excellent hook holder for us hookers.. it will keep them safe AND warm for our pleasure.. Great project !!!

  5. I am really in need of a hook holder. And my boyfriend will be getting one for Christmas. And probably everyone in my family that it is even vaguely appropriate to give one to. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. This is great! I plan on making some cute gifts for hubby this Christmas. Love this.


  7. This is very nice information so that i really like this type information thus i want to share my knowledge about condoms

  8. Love this! :D Have done 4 of this condom, and im planning to do more.. think it's going to be gifts ;P

    And i really love the comment from; anonymus - i think it makes an excellent hook holder for us hookers.. it will keep them safe AND warm for our pleasure.. Great project !!!

    I agree!! ;) Greetings from sweden!

  9. I'm going to make one for my boyfriend, as this will be totally up his street for humour. thanks for sharing.

  10. LOVE IT!!! :D

  11. I have made this for fun, my other half found this quite amusing he he

  12. Love love love it!!! Can't stop giggling. Give my teenagers mini stocking stuffed with condoms for christmas (they dubbed them "Safe Sex Socks). lol They look forward to them every year. This year I will give them these filled instead...can't wait to see their faces.